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Here are answers to questions you may have before Buying a Website from EZwpsites.

Why would I want the EZwpsite's WordPress Package if I can go buy a theme on my own?
The EZwpsites WordPress website package is designed to save you a ton of time and to avoid the long learning curve.  If you want to get a website up fast, this is the only way to go.  We install WordPress on your server, install the themes and plugins, add your pages, create a menu, add your business information, add a logo, create a contact form, set up SEO tool, and set up a backup and security tool.

With years of experience, we are able to set up the backend of your website with the settings that are right for your brand, business and location. Yes, WordPress is easy to manage once it is set up, it is the setting up part that you need to get right. Could you learn to install and set up everything up yourself? Sure – but if you want to hit the ground running and not spend hours and days learning how to do everything, then this is the website option for you.

Why use WordPress for a Website?
WordPress is the most popular Content Management System in the world

About 30% of all websites are WordPress websites. WordPress is popular because it meets the it has a flexible framework, which allows users to create and modify page layouts.  It is designed for all users – developers and those who are not professional developers.

Furthermore, WordPress is SEO friendly and mobile responsive.


I have never worked with WordPress. Will I be able to change the content on my website?
Yes! If you are familiar with web-based content editors, then you will be able to make any changes you need. We will provide you with documentation and resources to help you learn how to enhance the content on our website. Divi and WordPress are super popular with tons of online resources. Also, you can also purchase one-on-one training/work session with the EZwpsites Team. Contact us at
Which WordPress Theme Do You Use?
We use a premium WordPress theme by Elegant Themes, called Divi.  The Divi theme allows users to create custom pages using their built in page builder.

Elegant Themes is a trusted source for WordPress websites that provides premium WordPress themes.

It is advisable NOT to get themes from sources that are not trusted. Searching the Internet for a free theme is only asking for trouble. Hackers entice people looking for a bargain with “free” websites – they inject malware and malicious code that will allow them to hack your site.

Will I be able to add new sections and pages to my website?
Absolutely, once the site is delivered you can add whatever you want – you can add more pages, blogs posts, new pictures, videos etc. Each page is customizable  – you can change the sections and content on each page as well as change the page name. You will also be able to change the navigation menu and the area at the bottom of the website – it is all editable with the wonderful Divi Builder.
Where can I find help with Divi Themes?
EZwpsites will provide you with basic WordPress help tips as well links to great online resources.  If you want to use the Elegant Themes (Divi) Forum or use their support, you will need to purchase an Elegant themes license, (Click to access our referral link)
Can I copy my website and use it for another URL?
No, this website is only for use on one website address/domain/URL. Copying the website files and theme files is strictly prohibited.
Do you offer refunds?
Due to the nature of the services, EZwpsites cannot issue refunds. If there are unexpected circumstances that prohibit us from fulfilling our obligations, a refund may be offered.
Will My Website Require Maintenance?
Yes, you will need to make sure your plugin and themes are kept up to date. The EZwpsites team will show you how to do this.

If you ever find that you do not have time to maintain your website, there are companies that offer monthly maintenance such as Current Marketing Service.

What is Website Hosting and Where Can I Get It?

Website hosting is where your website will live.

A hosting account is the physical location of your WordPress website files.  A website host can be thought of as an online storage facility.

It is the responsibility of the client to purchase website hosting, if they do not currently have a hosting account.

Hosting requirements as defined by

  • PHP version 7.2 or greater.
  • MySQL version 5.6 or greater OR MariaDB version 10.0 or greater.
  • HTTPS support

Preferred hosting providers:

  • InMotion Hosting
  • Bluehost
  • Siteground

To learn more about website hosting providers, read this article:

Website Hosting Reviews – This Will Help You Decide

For additional questions about hosting, email the EZwpsites Team at

Will My Website Need an SSL (Green Lock)?
Yes, it is highly recommended to have an SSL certificate installed.

This will give your website URL a green lock that will show that your website is secure and legit.

If you have hosting with one of our preferred hosting providers, they offer installation of a free SSL.

Here is a list of our preferred hosting providers:

  • InMotion Hosting
  • Bluehost
  • Siteground

To learn more about website hosting providers, read this article:

Website Hosting Reviews – This Will Help You Decide

For additional questions about hosting, email the EZwpsites Team at

What are the Terms of Service?

Terms of service as of January 3, 2022

EZwpsites is a wholly-owned subsidiary of CMS NC, LLC herein known as EZwpsites (CMS NC, LLC).


WordPress website installed on client hosting account using Elegant Theme’s Divi Theme.


By submitting your payment, you are agreeing to the Terms of Service of EZwpsites (CMS NC, LLC).

The use of certain EZwpsites (CMS NC, LLC) Services requires payment of particular fees, as determined by EZwpsites (CMS NC, LLC). EZwpsites (CMS NC, LLC) provides notice of such fees in relation to paid website services. If you wish to receive such website services, you are required to pay all applicable fees prior to services being provided.

EZwpsites (CMS NC, LLC) reserves the right to change its fees at any time.

All fees and transactions shall be made in U.S. Dollars. To the extent permitted by law, all Fees are exclusive of all taxes (including value-added tax, sales tax, goods and services tax, etc.), imposed by taxing authorities (“Taxes”), and you shall be responsible for payment of all applicable taxes relating to your use of the EZwpsites (CMS NC, LLC) Services.

When submitting information to receive website services, you also authorize EZwpsites (CMS NC, LLC)  (either directly or through its affiliates, subsidiary’s or other third parties) to request and collect payment (or otherwise charge, refund or take any other billing actions) from our payment provider and/or your designated banking account, and to make any inquiries EZwpsites (CMS NC, LLC)  or its affiliates may consider necessary to validate your designated payment account or financial information, in order to ensure prompt payment, including for the purpose of receiving updated payment details from your payment, credit card or designated banking account provider.

EZwpsites (CMS NC, LLC) payments are processed with secure PayPal servers under the name of Current Marketing Services or CMS NC, LLC.

Our fees are stated in U.S. Dollars and before taxes unless otherwise said.

If needed, we or our affiliates may request and collect payments and related information from the relevant payment providers and banks.


Due to the nature of the services, EZwpsites (CMS NC, LLC) cannot issue refunds.  If there are unexpected circumstances that prohibit EZwpsites (CMS NC, LLC) from fulfilling their obligations, a refund may be offered.

Copyright and Credit

EZwpsites preferred WordPress theme vendor is Elegant Themes. The copyright of Elegant Themes Divi Theme, belongs to the theme creator(s).  The theme designs are intended for a single project on a single website.  Any unauthorized reproduction, publication, further distribution, or public exhibition of the materials provided on the website, in whole or in part, is strictly prohibited.

EZwpsites (CMS NC, LLC) utilizes a licensed copy of Elegant Themes’ Divi Theme to create website templates. No derivative works of copyrighted property will be permitted. Should a client require Elegant Themes support, it is up to the client to obtain proper licensing for the theme.

EZwpsites (EZwpsites (CMS NC, LLC) design credit will be placed in the footer of the website. The footer credit may be removed by client as any time.


Once the project commences, it will be important to stay in contact and respond to email in a timely manner. The EZwpsite team will respond to emails within 24 hours, during regular business hours.

Five Day Turnaround Terms – Ezwpsite agrees to deliver/install website on client hosting company within five business days after receiving all content and hosting logins from the client. A business day does not include weekends or US National holidays. Business day hours are 8:00 AM until 5:00 PM Eastern Standard Time.

Failure of the client to respond in a timely manner may delay the project.  The best method of communication is by emailing  If a phone or video conference is desired, it is best to schedule an appointment. The client can initiate an appointment request by emailing the EZwpsites Team at  If a client fails to reply to a request within a week, the project will be rescheduled behind other EZwpsites work projects already in queue. If a client does not respond or communicate within 30 days, the project will be closed and considered finished regardless of status.  The fee to restart a project is $75.00.

Website Hosting – It is the responsibility of the client to obtain website hosting for their WordPress website.

Hosting requirements as defined by

  • PHP version 7.4 or greater.
  • MySQL version 5.7 or greater OR MariaDB version 10.2 or greater.
  • HTTPS support

Preferred hosting providers:

  • InMotion Hosting
  • Bluehost
  • Siteground
  • A2 Hosting

Questions about hosting can be sent to

EZwpsites (CMS NC, LLC) will make every effort to keep the project on schedule; however, is dependent on client feedback and communication.

Change-correction Requests

Once the site is complete, any minor correction requests need to be submitted within two weeks of the delivery date. Changes made after this point will be charged at an hourly rate of $75.00 per hour. Any content changes that are not corrections will be billed at the current hourly rate.


EZwpsites (CMS NC, LLC) does not guarantee search engine ranking placement, increased sales or other successes but we certainly hope that a new website will help clients achieve their goals.

Acceptance of Terms

Your payment serves as confirmation that you agree to the terms and conditions outlined in this document.


*These terms are subject to change without notice.

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